LivWell: a sub-national Dataset on the Living Conditions of Women and their Well-being for 52 Countries

LivWell is a global longitudinal database which provides a range of key indicators related to women’s socioeconomic status, health and well-being, access to basic services, and demographic outcomes. Data are available at the sub-national level for 52 countries and 447 regions. A total of 134 indicators are based on 199 Demographic and Health Surveys for the period 1990-2019, supplemented by extensive information on socioeconomic and climatic conditions in the respective regions for a total of 190 indicators. The resulting data offer various opportunities for policy-relevant research on gender inequality, inclusive development, and demographic trends at the sub-national level.

For a full description, please refer to the article describing the database here:

The companion repository livwelldata allows to easily use the database in R. The R package can be downloaded following the instructions on the following git repository: The version of the database in the package is the same as in this repository.

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Author Camille Belmin, Roman Hoffmann, Mahmoud Elkasabi & Peter-Paul Pichler
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